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Monthly your Washington DC dentists will be compiling dental blogs written on topics of oral hygiene, prevention, maintenance and general news. For any questions or to suggest topics for a future blog- please contact us today!
Below you will find our selections, sorted by month:
National Dental Hygiene Month 2015
Dentist in Washington DC on the Importance of Hygiene   In just a few days, we will be in the midst of October! Not only does that mean cooler temperatures, leaves falling and some spooky treats to protect the kids mouth from at...
Saving Your Teeth from Halloween Treats
Washington DC family dentist with Sweet(s) Advice   Since Halloween is right around the corner, children and adults alike will feel obliged to indulge in candy a little more than usual. It’s tradition, right? Unfortunately,...
For Our Smiles, We Are Thankful
Washington DC dentist on Thanksgiving Favorites   There is no time quite like the holidays to bring the family together, enjoy a nice home cooked meal and appreciate the time you get to spend with one another. Thanksgiving is typically...
New Year, Better Smile
Tips for How to Better Your Smile in the New Year with Your Washington DC Dentist   The New Year is right around the corner and everyone is thinking of their resolutions. Commonly, resolutions are about saving money, losing weight,...
National Children’s Dental Health Month
In just a few days when February graces us with its presence, it will mark the 75th anniversary of the ADA’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! With your Washington DC dentist’s dedication to oral health care for patients...
National Nutrition Month 2016
Washington DC dentists on March (Nutrition) Madness!   While it may be a little too late to qualify for a “New Year’s Resolution” diet- your Washington DC dentist wants you to know it is never too late...
Eating Disorders and Oral Health
DC dentist on the Dental Effects of Eating Disorders   With March being “National Nutrition Month,” your DC dentist wanted to talk to you today about a subject that can sometimes be overlooked or shied away from by...